Why colouring benefits us - kids!

Hey friends, do you like colouring?  I do, Summer and I LOVE to colour and it’s one of our favorite activities.

My mum always gave us a printed page to do colouring in our spare-time, I always thought this was just her way of keeping us occupied so mum could have some time to herself, being that we were always so demanding and wanted to play all day long, but little did I know – that mum was giving us pages to colour in for a very good reason!

One day,Summer and I decided to do some “Google” research to find out why mum always wanted us to do colouring. We found that coluring in pictures and drawing have so many learning benefits for us (children). I guess my Mum thought if she told us it was more like learning than playing we may not want to colour, my mum is VERY VERY clever :) !

Summer : "Yes! I love to colour!"

Here are the benefits of colourng for kids that we found online and we would like to share with you:

>> Colouring helps us practice holding a writing tool the correct way and its helps us develop our coordination and motor skills.

>> Colouring aids in hand-eye coordination and helps us to learn to color within the specified area.

>> Colouring helps us to develop the skill of patience and learn to focus on details when coloring.

>> Colouring is used as THERAPY because it helps us to relax and to be comfortable while creating a piece of art.

>> Colouring is a great tool to help us to learn the difference between images and colour. This is also one of the first steps to learning and understanding about new colours.

>> Colouring pages boosts our creativity - Being creative, and feeling free to experiment is something we need to experience, it’s great for our growing minds.

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What other benefits of colouring do you know about? Please share any with us here.

Lori is having FUN with colouring Fun sheet!!

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