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Little Curly Eco-friendly Drinking Mugs with Handle and Silicone Lid 

Little Curly Eco-friendly Drinking Mugs are made solely from Rice Husks and 

is free from any harmful chemicals and is completely Eco Friendly. These reusable 
mugs are one of the most eco-friendly mugs available. The mugs are designed for 
reuse, but when finally discarded will biodegrade back into the soil.

What is rice husk?

The rice husk (or hull) is the outermost layer of the paddy grain that is separated 
from the rice grains during the milling process. Around 20% of paddy weight 
is husk and rice production in Asia produces about 770 million tons of husks annually.

Why use rice husk products?
The product is made from rice husks, which are a waste by-product of the rice milling process, which are normally discarded. The fibers are bonded using natural tree sap. They are natural, healthy, and do not contain any harmful substances, are naturally BPA free and food safe, conforming to international standards. They are also environmentally friendly, using a resource that is generally considered waste and would otherwise be discarded or burnt. If you eventually wish to discard a HUSK cup – no worries, it doesn’t need to end up in a landfill. Just bury it in the ground and it will naturally biodegrade after 180 days.

Little Curly Eco-friendly Drinking Mugs

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For November, 2015 we are offering these unique eco-friendly mugs at 30% off.

Ella Parry and Little Curly Rice Husks Mugs.