Amazing Thailand Part 1 - Elephants

Oh!! We're back to London.......... !!!

Coming back to London after 2 months Excellent holiday in Asia, especially in Thailand.............. How do I feel???
It was an amazing holiday. I cannot wait to return to Thailand one day. Missing the sun, sea, massage, food and the lovely people of the country!!

Here are some photos I would like to share.

Part 1 :  Elephants 
We stay in Sibsan Resort & Spa Maeteang Chiang Mai which is 10mins away from the elephant camp, each morning we can see elephant walk pass while we were having our morning coffee, breakfast.

Worlds cannot describe how special it is, to be so close to the elephants!!

Feeling the Love from elephants !!  Elephant Kiss!!!

Elephant is painting!

Notice: next week I will post Part 2  - The tigers!!!