Little Curly Loves Eco-friedly

Our Little Shop for Little Curly collection is now temporarily closed for re-branding our products to Eco-friendly!! 

Ella and The Little Curly collection team are working on the re-brand Little Curly newproducts to eco-friendly and organic material - from production to packagingevery material we use, every action we take is done with "Love Your Environment" in mind!!

We believe this to be a positive step to helpconserve the Earth's natural resources and reduce the amount of waste whichotherwise goes to landfill and its for the best for our next generation.

For all of you who are concerned about theenvironment, please join us by giving something back! And buying “RECYLED”

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and Thankyou for your support!!

Ella Parry & the Little Curly collection team

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