How do I purchase an item on Ella's shop?

Shopping on Ella's shop is Easy and Fun!!  You don't need to open an account just go to www.ellaparry.co.uk for Little Curly collection!!

Then select the item you that you to buy for yourself or to you love one or friends.

Step 1: Add to the Cart:

When you find the item you want to buy, click “Add to Cart” the item listing page

Step 2: Access your cart:

Click the cart icon at the top right of the site. From there, process to purchase or continue shopping. You’re welcome to add multiple items to your cart.

Once you're ready, you can proceed by clicking the “Check out “button.

You'll be redirected to a secure PayPal login page.

Choose the method of payment. (Note that you don’t need to have a PayPal account to do the payment) 

Happy Shopping for Little Curly collection!