Love, Peace, Caring, Forgiveness and Giving these all their need !

Hi Guys, This is my new artwork - a single cover for ROXY5000 The Band which I'm so honorred that I have a chance to take part in

ROXY5000’s releasing their next single “Love Like A Lady” and they are donating all digital download profits to the charity - Youth Music.
ROXY5000 whom are currently sweeping the airwaves with sophisticated soul, funk and R&B infused songs, are not only credited for keeping UK soul music in the foreground, but their latest collaboration with Bryan Ferry’s band members Jerry Meehan & Ollie Thompson plus other fantastic musicians is an inspired soul track aimed at keeping the plight of forgotten youth affected by negative opportunity at the forefront of our conscience.
ROXY5000 have collaborated with UK soul legend Omar, Terri Walker, members of The Jools Holland Band & The Brand New Heavies among others, this creative collective is part of a broader campaign to heal through music.
You are invited to join them to make a change of future for the children to a Brighter One!!

Pledge your support and pre order the single (£1.00 only) for “Youth Music” children’s charity @ Roxy5000 - Love Like a Lady

or simply text from your mobile phone: TRACK ROXY M to 80818  (excluding i-phones)

artwork & design by Ella Parry   © 2011 ROXY5000

Notice: You will receive your track on the release date!!!!!