New art prints

I'm very exciting to introduce these three absolutely adorable new illustrations art prints to you. They are friends and little brother of Little Curly.
a set of 3 art prints
Mui Mui - 5.9" x7.9" art prints

Mui Mui, she is one of Little Curly's best friends and she lives next door to Little Curly. Mui Mui is a shy little girl and she doesn't like to be in any photoshoots. They always hang out together after school and most of the half term.

Ting ting - 5.9" x7.9' art prints

Ting ting, Ting ting is one of Little Curly's classmates and soul mate. They talk to each others and share they feeling of everything all the time. Ting ting is a very warm, clever and straight forward girl.Through her expression on her face....... Little Curly knows how does she feel and no need to ask more.

Ah Kong - 5.9" x 7.9" art prints

And Ah Kong, Little Curly's baby brother, Ah Kong is the baby boy in the family. He is Mom's favourite. He is one year younger than Little Curly. They attended the same school. Ah Kong was the hard one to wake up and he always made Little Curly angry because she didn't want to be late for school.

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