What Is a Limited Edition Art Print?

A limited edition art print is a copy of an original piece of art that has been produced as part of a definite, immutable number of copies taken from the same plate, or impression, of the original. This number of copies cannot be exceeded. Limited edition art prints provide the opportunity to purchase art with a degree of exclusivity but at less cost than that of an original one-off work of art. It must be numbered and signed by the original artist to make it worthy of collecting for investment purposes.
And also edition or print run is the total number of prints made from the original image. Print numbered 50/100 means that the print is number 50 of 100 prints in the edition run.

Printed on a Fabriano Medioevalis art paper.

 Note: The prints' number in the lower left hand or right hand corner. The artist has personally signed the print in the right hand corner. The artist's signature and the number are very important. Some prints are signed by an artist but are not numbered. These are not Limited Edition Prints and there is little or no investment potential in these.  

Why buy Limited Edition prints?
The advantages of buying Limited Edition art print Limited Edition Art Prints have very much become part of our modern society because they make good contemporary art accessible and affordable to a much wider audience than had previously been possible. During the last 50 years producing Limited Edition Prints has become a standard part of an artist's career for this very reason. Even the best and most celebrated artists of our time have created Limited Editions of their work and these should not be regarded as inferior substitutes for an original piece of art but a way to enjoy a piece of exceptional art in your own home...............  By Michelle Symonds  Published: 4/27/2010

Little Curly Limited Edition Sign & Number Art Prints of 100 - "Sharing"
"Sharing" is one of Little Curly's series.  © Ella Parry

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Sharing - Limited Edition Sign art prints of 100 with mounted. 

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