Inspired by you!

I would like to share this heart-warming story with you all :
Sometime in early December 2010 a little girl named Amber came to my shop with her Father because she wanted to give me her drawing, which was inspired by my Little Curly illustrations.
 Amber’s dad told me that they (Amber’s Mother and Father) gave Amber a birthday card and a art print of Little Curly for her 5th birthday. Since then Amber absolutely fell in love with Little Curly.
Every day Amber comes back from school she will sit the card in front of her for inspiration and start to draw. When Amber’s mother asked her why she suddenly loves to draw so much, Amber replied “It’s because I love Little Curly so much mummy, I now want to be an artist”.
One day Amber asked her father if he know where Little Curly (the artist) lives because she wanted to send one of her drawings to Little Curly as a Christmas gift. Her father told Amber that she didn’t have to send the drawing to the artist as Amber and her father could go to the shop and give the artist the drawing personally as her father new where she worked. Of course Amber was over the moon and very excited.
Amber and her father came to the shop where I work and Amber very shyly presented her drawing to me.
To this day I am still touched by the fact that a 5 year child can be Inspired so much by Little Curly that she not only would like to become an artist but she also wanted to inspire me with her work, and she does every day I set on eyes on it!
  This so touch my heart and it brighten up my day every time I look at this drawing !
Amber's Drawing