Do You Remember Your First Day of School?

I will remember that day all my life: the first day of kindergarten -
The night before my first day of school, I could not sleep well at all, I woke up to check the time every half hour, I was worry I might be late for school, mum might forget to set the alarm or she might set the wrong time..........etc, etc!!!
And when we arrived school, mum sent me to my class teacher and left school, I was so scarely and  I felt a wave of tears coming down from my eyes but I kept smile....  and pretend I was all right !!!

Would you like to know how Little Curly feels about her "first day of school"?

Ah.... Little Curly is quite happy..........!

Little Curly first day of school front cover - English version
    Illustrator: Ella Parry
    Publishing: www.chouetteditions.com
Little Curly first day of school front cover - French version
 "Little Curly first day of School" children book
                      COMING SOON!!!